Thursday, February 15, 2007


Tracy Morgan's version of Jackass...

Sunday, February 4, 2007

Rude Awakening [video]

These guys scream to scare their sleeping friend. Great reaction!

Air Horn Prank [video]

One of the best wake up pranks ever... the guy's reaction is priceless.

Pantyhose Prank [video]

You can't judge a book by its cover... and you can't judge a customer by the mask on his face. I wish I had the balls to try this.

Friday, February 2, 2007

How Sweet [video]

How sweet... this guest on a TV show sends a heart-warming message to this girlfriend.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Crowd Prank [video]

This is a video from an Asian prank show. Its funny how people react when everyone else is doing something. Make sure to watch until the end!

Sanitation Grades [site]

Ever wonder why restaurants got the sanitation score they did? Check out your local government website to see descriptions of all of the violations. Here are some highlights from Greenville, NC from the Pitt County Government Restaurant Sanitation Ratings Website. Click on the individual scores to see the full report of each restaurant.

A good challenge for wasting time is to find the grossest violation.

Wendy's on 10th Street (Score: 90 on 10/20/06):

-mouse droppings present today under front counter, along baseboards under prep line and in chemical closet where soda boxes are stored.

Boli's 5th Street Pizzeria (Score: 81.5 on 12/18/06):

-ice machine had large amount of mildew build up seen today. ice machine is a repeat from past inspection.

China 10 on 10th Street (Score: 91 on 11/27/06):

-pans of food sitting on top of trash can on the cook line at beginning of inspection.

-live bugs and old bug casings found on clean dishes in dish area.

Croatan on ECU Campus (Score: 91.5 on 3/30/06):

-live roach found inside walk in cooler. dead roaches in dry storage room excess water and food behind units up front provide food and water for the survival of roaches.

Dominos Pizza on Charles Blvd (Score: 90 on 11/15/06):

-bottle of pest spray found stored on food prep table with a container of pizza sauce and marinara.

Cubbie's on Stantonsburg Road (Score: 77 on 3/27/06):

-mouse droppings seen throughout facility. behind ice machine, under shelving at front service counter, throughout along baseboards in back kitchen and mouse droppings seen in dry goods such as cornmeal and sugar.

So who's hungry?!

Google Image Labeler [game]

Quick... what words would you use to describe this picture? Bird, sky, clouds, black, blue, and so on. This suprisingly addictive little game from Google Images has helped waste a lot of time lately. You are paired up with a random partner and both of you are shown the same picture. Basically you type in words that come to mind until you get a match with your partner. At the end you can see your partner's guesses that were not matches. I swear I've had some of the dumbest partners with some of the dumbest answers.

Anyways, the game is easy to do and is great for wasting time, trying to find a partner who is quick enough to get you a high score. Try it out by clicking the link below.

Google Image Labeler

Computer Prank [video]

Great prank... I gotta try this!

Little Old Lady [video]

Don't fuck with the little old lady crossing the road...